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What a silly process! Anyway, just wanted to pop in the comments to say thanks. This solved my issue! What is the image size ratio when creating a doc inside the group? Facebook now allows to add a header image to docs created within groups. I was wondering what is the cropping for that one. I would like to put a border around a group cover photo.

If I use the ratio of 1. I know FB crops the top and bottom. Is there away around this, in sizing? Nope, there is not. No matter what size or shape you use, a border would be cropped on some devices. This is great — and my question may be obvious but when I am setting up my template using gimp do I use x OR x ? You are awesome! Your explanation as to why explained it all! As a new blogger, I will be a new subscriber for you too.

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Facebook cover photo size specifications: Pages, Groups & Profiles ()

Is it still possible to have the cover just display the members? It seems NOT to be doing that any more. Old style is displayed by default to non-admins. What is going on? I hope Zuckerburg gets early onset dementia. How hard is it to actually provide a template that works?

This still works on my computer, iPhone, and iPad. Its still working on february ? I see on other site is different about this size, can You Explain this? Thanks Louise… you really found your niche, and serve it beautifully. Just used your guidance to change my FB group cover image. Your email address will not be published. Check this box to allow the collection and storage of the data you submit with your comment.

All data will be handled as outlined in this site's Privacy Policy. You are here: Free Template. Comments Thank you, thank you thank you! You are so welcome, Carole! Hi Louise, thanks for your tips.

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What to do about it? Kind regards, Henrik.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 12222: Free Template

Interesting, maybe this varies by operating system. Cheers, Henrik. Kindest regards and have a nice weeend, Henrik. I always know to look for you to save the day! You rock! Thank you so much for this post! What am I not understanding here? Thou rocketh so hard, madam. I have owned many groups over the years and have never had a problem like this before.

Did not work!!!! Found this site and followed instructions and it worked perfectly. Thank you, Lori, Ziglar Family. Hi Louise! Thanks so much! No, this is a known problem, unfortunately no solution other than using different colors. Thank you Maria. Copyright policy.

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Do you know? I think this feature was removed quite some time ago, sorry. Always find your articles very helpful! This is a deep image which can be moved up and down for desktop browsers. In the centre of that is an area where we recommend you insert any text. See the Musicademy cover image below. The shaded area at the top is what is visible on both desktop and mobile. If you put text either side of that it will be cropped on mobile. That depends entirely on you, your business, and what you believe your target audience will be most receptive to.

Certain mistakes will detract from your Page, and may even detract from how new users perceive your business. Their photo shows how simple it is to use their product—ease of use is a huge benefit. Their cover photo is simple and clean, and advertising their new podcast.

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When users click on the cover photo itself, they have links to both the iTunes and Google Play links so users can listen to the podcast on whichever platform they prefer. First, the cover photo is seasonal and relevant. They tie in autumn leaves with gorgeous auburn hair. One of the best things this cover photo does is placing an award badge in the corner of the cover photo. It would be a little tragic to have a blog post on amazing cover photo examples and not have a local photographer on the list. Fortunately, Tamara Knight Photography not only has a wonderful photographer, but some great social media marketing.

What are the dimensions for a Group page cover image

This cover photo is a fantastic choice, which is impressive considering the sheer number of gorgeous images professional photographers have to choose from. It shows a family that is happy, smiling, and laughing. It automatically makes you smile, which evokes an emotional response and starts connecting you with the business. Since the business offers headshots, featuring a headshot in the profile picture and a family shot in the cover photo shows a range of services the business offers.

This will help let customers looking for diverse services know immediately that the photographer can meet their needs. Finally, the branding in this picture is a great example. It makes the Page seem more official, and hammers home that this is a legitimate business with high quality services. This location does a fantastic job of social media marketing in general, and is a great source of marketing examples for SMBs.

This cover photo makes use of some social image best practices, including using both strong lighting and light colors. The text itself is a smart choice for three reasons. It also uses different color and sizes in text to make it more visually dynamic and feel less like a block of text. Finally—and this is the big one—it features their branded hashtag. They do this in the darkest color, which contracts most with the image.

This will help new users—both new and returning—know which hashtag to use when sharing UGC, which can help drive engagement. A lot of small businesses have a very distinctive voice and have a specific way they want to present themselves. The image looks classic, even if it was taken recently, and they introduce themselves as a staple business in a small community. The last great thing I want to flag on this is the incredible subtle branding on the image.

Facebook Cover Photo, Group Header Image Size And Other FB Graphics

Our last cover photo example is from one blood. OneBlood is technically a nonprofit, but their cover photo does a few things so well that I wanted to include it here so that SMBs can use some of the strategies with their own businesses. It features a picture of a gorgeous smiling child next to a quote about how all the blood donors that donated to OneBlood saved him.

This evokes an immediate emotional reaction , which is a great step towards getting someone to take any kind of action.

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Above the image is a textual CTA, encouraging users to share their story, their power, and to save lives. Others will utilize actual photographs. The perfect Facebook cover photo size goes a long way in helping you make a great first impression with new users. Combining the perfect cover photo size with Facebook cover photo best practices can help you build the social presence and reputation that you want to create for your business.

What do you think? What does your perfect Facebook cover photo look like? How do you use your cover photo to represent your business? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you so much for this amazing post, It gave me some awesome ideas on how to improve my facebook cover photo and for that I am grateful. And certainly, Facebook should be optimized. I was wondering, is snappa a free tool to use? Hi Emmerey. We have both free and paid plans. You can check out the pricing here: Thanks Christopher!

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