Sony xperia c input pin

Multiple calls. Conference calls. Call settings. Contacts Transferring contacts using a computer. Transferring contacts using synchronisation accounts. Other methods for transferring contacts. Adding and editing contacts. Searching and viewing contacts. Favourites and groups. Sending contact information. Backing up contacts. Messaging Using text and multimedia messaging. Text and multimedia message options. Email Getting started with Email.

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Using email. Transferring media files to your device. Using My music to organise your songs. Managing playlists. Protecting your hearing. FM radio About the FM radio. Using your favourite radio channels. Sound settings. Camera About the camera. Using the still camera.

How To Unlock Sony Xperia C, T, T2, T2 Dual, T3, E1, and E1 Dual by unlock code. EZ Unlock!

Face detection. Adding the geographical position to your photos. Using still camera settings. Using the video camera. Album About Album. Viewing photos and videos in the Pictures tab. Viewing photos and videos in the My albums tab. Viewing your photos on a map.

Product documentation for Xperia™ C

Viewing online albums. Movies About Movies. Using Movies. Web browser About the web browser. Connectivity Connecting to wireless networks. Connecting your device to a computer. Smart Connect. Synchronising data on your device About synchronising data on your device. Synchronising your corporate email, calendar and contacts. Maps and locations About location services.


Using GPS. Calendar and alarm clock Calendar.

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Alarm clock. Support and maintenance Updating your device. Resetting your device. Locking and protecting your device. Finding your device. Support application. Recycling your phone. Reference Settings overview. Status and notification icons overview. Application overview. Important information Important information leaflet. Limitations to services and features. Legal information. View all topics To send text and multimedia messages and to access the Internet, you must have a mobile data connection and the correct settings. There are different ways to get these settings: For most mobile networks and operators, Internet and messaging settings come preinstalled on your device.

You can then start using the Internet and send messages right away.

In some cases you will get the option to download Internet and messaging settings the first time you turn on your device. It is also possible to download these settings later from the Settings menu. You can manually add and change Internet and network settings on your device at any time.

Contact your network operator for detailed information about Internet and messaging settings. Find Created with Sketch. Show all products Caret down. Show less Caret up. Show all 9 products Caret down. Show all 83 products Caret down. User guide Getting started About this User guide. Screen protection. Starting your device for the first time. Charging your device. Learning the basics Using the touchscreen. Locking and unlocking the screen. Home screen. Application screen. Navigating applications.

My device is asking for a PIN or a PUK code

Small apps. Shortcuts and folders. Background and themes. Battery and power management. Taking a screenshot. Icons in the status bar. Application overview. Downloading applications from other sources. Internet and networks Browsing the web. Internet and MMS settings. Sharing your mobile data connection. Controlling data usage. Selecting mobile networks.

Virtual private networks VPNs. Synchronising data on your device Synchronising with online accounts. Basic settings Accessing settings. Sound, ringtone and volume. SIM card protection. Screen settings. Screen lock. Unlocking your device automatically. Language settings. Date and time. Enhancing the sound output. Typing text On-screen keyboard. Entering text using voice input. Editing text.

Internet and messaging settings – Sony Xperia™ C support (English)

Personalising the on-screen keyboard. Calling Making calls. Receiving calls. Ongoing calls. Using the call log. Forwarding calls. Restricting calls. Multiple calls. Conference calls. Emergency calls. Contacts Transferring contacts. Searching and viewing contacts. Adding and editing contacts. Adding medical and emergency contact information. Favourites and groups. Sending contact information. Avoiding duplicate entries in the Contacts application. Backing up contacts. Messaging and chat Reading and sending messages. Organising your messages. Calling from a message. Messaging settings.

Instant messaging and video chat. Email Setting up email. Sending and receiving email messages. Organising your email messages. Email account settings. Music Transferring music to your device. Music home screen menu. Sharing music. Enhancing the sound. FM radio Listening to the radio. Favourite radio channels. Sound settings. Camera Taking photos and recording videos. Face detection. Adding the geographical position to your photos. General camera settings. Still camera settings. Video camera settings. Photos and videos in Album Viewing photos and videos. Sharing and managing photos and videos.

Editing photos with the Photo editor application. admin