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However, this halves the maximum current that the cable can handle and may present a fire hazard when using large power-hungry devices. I do not recommend this, but it is a possibility. AC for advanced users 5. Reply 1 year ago. Gigabit requires Cat5e. Cat5 MHz doesn't have the bandwidth to sustain the gigabit signaling rate MHz. Rather than hack apart your wires in the wall, you can buy or build what's known as a "splitter.

They're easily available to split the cable into two ethernet channels, or four phone channels. Making a custom one is as easy as doing what you did here with a short piece of cable and putting a plug on the end of it. Keep the wires as close to their original configuration as possible to minimise the amount of interference you pick up.

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Read don't untwist the wires any more than absolutely necessary, and have them fork off from each other at the last possible moment. The advantage to doing it this way is that it's not permanent so you can reconfigure your panel any which way you want in the future.

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I can probably be convinced to post an instructable about making splitters if anybody's interested. Reply 3 years ago. I'm also going to get exceedingly pedantic here. RJ stands for "Registered Jack" and is defined in the Uniform Service Ordering Code, and refers to a specific type of circuit provisioning - so when the phone company dispatched a tech to the field to install a circuit, they would specify an RJ code, which told the tech a few things: An analog telephone requires RJ11 configuration, and as such has a 6P2C modular plug on the end of its cord.

This was also used for digital PBX handsets that required separate pairs for power and signal. The handset connection on most phones is a 4P4C plug but is not used by any RJ definition. There are about a dozen other RJ specs that use the 8P8C modular connector RJ31X being very common for alarm panel connections in fact, your connection block above shows that as "line seizure. How to Know whether it is Gigabit or ordinary cabling? Reply 2 years ago. Tip 1 year ago on Introduction.

Anything on the customer side is not their problem.

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  • Phone Jack to Ethernet Adapter.

They will, however, get annoyed if your inside wiring causes problems to their network. Not likely to happen because the telephone network is engineered to be exceedingly resilient. This works for Mb network but if you ever plan to or are running a Gigabit Mb network don't do this as Gigabit will use all 8 wires.

It's called 10Base-T wiring Jacks when you wire the jacks that way it's been around the Universities in Canada since the 's. This is the first time i try anything like this so i am to say the least stupid when it comes to this. So we live in an old house and out on the country. We already have a century link connecrion but wanted to add a second one. I ran a cat 6 from the phone line only connecting the blue and white and blue wire. I then connected it to a cat 6 jack. I proceeded to conect my new century link router to it and got nothing. I dont understand what im doing wrong?

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Lots of good information in the comments too ; One question: Given that the phone line is 'live' is there any problem soldering it? I have 3 Irons, one is an ESD safe station, second a Goot 12watt and a el cheapo 25watt, all three have an earth pin on their wall plugs? I guess earthing the live wire is not ideal?

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Cheers, Stonie. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. To answer my own question… I checked with some line techs and apparently MDFs are soldiered live. So earthing via your iron is ok… Also shorting the line closing the circuit probably is not a big deal either… at least not in Australia. By T3Hprogrammer Follow. More by the author: A house wired with Cat 5 cable and RJ jacks To see if you are eligible, see check the three things shown in the picture.

Hack Your House: Run Both Ethernet and Phone Over Existing Cat-5 Cable

Your system also needs to converge at a central box where you can place an Ethernet switch or router. An existing modular jack system. This is not strictly necessary, but if you don't you will have to spend extra money on more jacks. This Instructable will assume you are augmenting your existing modular jack system. Wall plates with an additional hole, one for each plate to be replaced In my house, one two-port plate could be reused, but a three-port plate and many more two-port plates had to be purchased.

RJ jacks, one for each plate to be replaced If your house did not have modular RJ jacks you will need to purchase those too. Half of a 6-ft or longer phone cord, one cord per two jacks.

Either a multitool, or a screwdriver, pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, and knife razor helps. Soldering iron and decent soldering skills. This cost does not go up linearly, as you can purchase items in bulk. Ethernet does not use the brown or blue pair in Cat I chose to use the brown pair. While using wireless, I was averaging around Since I decided I was going to build the computer, I planned to use a wired connection instead of wireless since it would help reduce lag.

I thought I had an ethernet jack in my room however I later found out it was a phone port and I couldn't use it. I was wondering if it was possible to convert the phone jack to an Ethernet jack. From my understanding, it is possible if a Cat-5e cable is in the jack. Is this true? I haven't removed the plating because it's in a hard spot to get to. My house is around 13 years old if that matters.

Is this a good tutorial for converting it, if not can you link to one? From my understanding also, I would need to buy something like this and this. Is that correct? How easy would this be for a fifteen year old to do? If it turns out it doesn't have a Cat-5e cable, how can I get one? All help is greatly appreciated! Oct 16, 7, 1 For a house that's 13 years old there's a pretty good chance that it's not CAT5 cable at all at best it might be CAT 3. The tutorial you linked would only work if you had CAT5 cable in your walls.

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The problem is even if it is CAT5 in your walls it's going to be going back to the telco junction box and terminating there. In order to run a wired connection you'd have to do a whole new run of CAT5 from your room to wherever the router is at. I doubt that you have the skillset to properly fish cable through drywall from your room to wherever the router is at. So that leaves you with two options: These used to be not so great but they've improved a good deal and will be the easiest way to get a wired connection to your PC.

AnonymouseUser Diamond Member Jan 6, May 14, 9, 0 I ask because it may be easier to just upgrade one or both and be done with it. I have one of these but I'm not sure if I can do anything with it. What do you mean by upgrade both or one? Turns out that the op has two threads essentially on the same topic, the other thread is here: The adapter he's using is the PLE from Linksys which seems to generally get good reviews. It's possible that it could be the powerline adapter though in order to test it out we'd need the op to do some transfers over the local network between his PC and another PC.

I actually just bought this pair of powerline adapters yesterday and hooked them up. I did a test on testmy. I thought that with the powerline adapter I chose, I would getting a lot better than this. If I were to get a professional in hear to fish a Cat5 cable through dry wall, how much would it cost? Are there other options to get a wired connection? Good luck finding the other end. If the wire wasn't secured through the wall you might be able to pull some cat5e through using the phone line. Jun 11, 4 19, Mar 22, 1 0 10 0. You can do it easily.

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