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A POS power platform connects all POS terminals to a single processor for transaction settlement Interface Software Power platform Internet a high-speed electronic nonimpact printer similar in appearance to desktop photocopying machines. While other printers print one character at a time, laser technology enables these devices to print an entire page all at once Laser printer Ink jet printer RFID reader Data mining the state of a hotel room in terms of its availability and cleanliness.

Information about current room availability is essential in order for front desk employees to properly assign rooms to guests at check-in. The current status of a room is crucial to the immediate, short-run selling position of that room Soft checks Room status Formatting Rooms status report the process of using significant guest information to understand an individual guest, contact that guest, and sell additional hospitality products and services that directly meet the guest's needs Customer relationship management CRM Reservation module Workstation printer Call accounting system CAS the turning away of transient guests for lack of rooms due to the acceptance of group business Balance sheet Database Fiscal year Displacement selling products or services over the internet or some other electronic medium.

Hospitality electronic distribution includes the GDS and internet-based sales channels electronic distribution Function book Voice recognition Radio base station the control center of a system. Inside are the circuits and mechanisms that process and store information and send instructions to the other system components Central processing unit CPU Credit monitoring routine Call accounting system CAS Receipt printer a daily report showing the number of guests and the names of the guests expected to arrive with reservations enterprise system expected arrivals list Ratio analysis Weighted average monitors the calculation and printing of bank checks for payments of selected invoices Monthly check register Permanent folio Accounts aging file Check register file guest checks made of flimsy receipt paper Soft keys Zip disk Sub-recipe Soft checks a process that creates the tracks and sectors of a disk on which the system is able to read and write info Precosting Router Formatting Ratio enables a hotel to take control over local and long-distance services and apply a markup to switchboard operations.

A hotel subscribes to the system's services and takes responsibility for updating the system with accurate room availability data Central reservation office Identification code Nonaffiliate reservation system enterprise system a form of input that converts spoken data directly into electronic form suitable for processing Voice recognition Postcosting Conversion tables Ratio present two sets of figures for each balance sheet line item.

One set of figures is from the current balance sheet; the other set is from the balance sheet of a previous period. All amounts are reduced to percentages of their account classification House limit Common-size balance sheets Rooms status report Rooms discrepancy report an action designed to restrict the functionality of a system. For example, network administrators can lock down client desktops so that user can perform only certain operations Hard copy Database downtime lock down the smallest unit of electronic data Bus system Soft copy Bit Debit card generally applies to more than one guest or room and contains a record of transactions that are not posted to individual folios.

Master folios are commonly created to provide the kind of billing service required by most groups and conventions Master folio Hard copy Hidden costs Soft copy part of an automated beverage control unit that transports beverage item ingredients from storage areas to dispensing units Operator monitor Delivery network Turnaway report Reference code a menu management application for evaluating decisions regarding current and future menu pricing, design, and contents.

Purveyors are asked to quote prices for products that meet or exceed stated specifications Customer master file Identification code Bid specification file Menu item file part of a POS system keyboard used to record the methods with which accounts are settled: This enables the computer-based restaurant management system to maintain a record for a particular menu item that requires an unusually large number of ingredients Real time capability Recipe chaining Debit card House limit an e-commerce strategy in which a seller negotiates a discounted rate with a supplier hotel and then adds its own markup factor and sells the rooms to consumers.

Also called the markup model. Megahertz MHz Merchant model Preset key downtime used to assign floor and room numbers to room attendants and to list room status. This report may also provide space for special messages from the housekeeping department Outstanding checks report Rooms availability report Vendor activity report Housekeeper assignment report in relation to the purchase of a technology system, costs associated with supplies, customized forms, training, overtime pay, and data conversion normally not included in the system purchase price Zip disk Deductions Hidden costs Interface backup power used when the electrical power fails or drops to an unacceptable voltage level.

Small UPS systems provide enough battery power to power down the computer in an orderly manner. Sophisticated systems tied to electrical generators can provide power for days Invoice register file uninterruptible power supply UPS First in, first out FIFO Inventory file lists, by room type, the number of rooms that are available each day net remaining rooms in each category.

Labor master report Rooms productivity report Rooms availability report Outstanding checks report a guestroom vending machine that contains beverage items in see-through closed compartments. The compartment doors may be equipped with fiber optic sensors that record the removal of stored products. Once triggered, the sensors relay the transaction to a built-in microprocessor for recording.

Individual guestroom microprocessors are typically cabled to a large CPU, which stores recorded transactions. Off-premises catering service Microprocessor-based beverage device Property profile Inventory master file contains data from the front office guest accounting module, such as balances form guest folios, non-guest accounts, bill-to accounts, credit card billings, and others Check register file RFID reader Master folio City ledger file maintains records of all current vendors.

Data contained in this file includes: A BEO generally serves as a final contract for the client and as a work order for the catering department Revenue center report Banquet event order BEO Actual departures report Guest check sensor maintains a list of accounts with debit and credit balances Trial balance file Database files Displacement Interface in relation to the purchase of a technology system, a three-part document prepared by management. The first section orients the vendor to management's business operation; the second section establishes bidding requirements for vendor proposals; and the third section deals specifically with user application requirements Request for proposal Reservation record Non-guest folio Period labor report sets up billing information.

Customer data maintained in this file includes: This inquiry typically collects the following data: Also called a printer controller Actual cost Network controller Router Property profile contains accounts receivable data that can be formatted into a variety of aging reports that segment accounts in the file according to the date the charge originated Group booking pace Accounts aging file Menu item file Customer master file a printed voucher, usually serially numbered for internal-control purposes, from a revenue-producing department showing an amount that is charged to a folio Soft copy Source document Soft checks Postcosting a vacant room that is believed to be occupied because the room rack slip or registration card was not removed from the rack when the guest departed in nonautomated hotels or because of room status report discrepancies or errors in automated hotels.

Mouse Cursor Sleeper Extranet a report produced by automated point-of-sale equipment that lists all guest checks by server that have not been settles; information may include the guest check number, server identification number, time at which the guest check was opened, number of guests, table number, and guest check total Outstanding checks report Actual departures report Guest check printer Outstanding checks list a method of valuing inventory; the products in storage areas are valued at the level of the most recently purchases items to be placed in inventory Payment discount date Finished product catering First in, first out FIFO Non-guest folio part of a system that supports the use of wireless, handheld server terminals.

Antenna units relay signals from handheld terminal to a radio base station extranet Internet Data cube Antenna units also called a refusal report, tracks the number of room nights refused because rooms were not available for sale. This report is especially helpful to hotels with expansion plans General ledger Productivity reports Turnaway report Database records a report produced by sophisticated automated beverage systems indicating how much of each beverage product was sold during a shift; the report is useful for monitoring product sales trends and adjusting par inventory levels when necessary Guest check control report Sales mix by major product report Sales by beverage server report Sales category analysis report portion of a public website partitioned and password-protected for access by employees or special workgroups.

This private, secure site is used to share documents, calendars, and event info. As more and more companies are connected to the internet, EDI is an increasingly important mechanism for companies to buy, sell, and trade info Guestroom control book electronic data interchange EDI expected arrivals list electronic distribution a reservation network that handles more than one product line.

Intersell Agencies typically handle reservations for airline flights, car rentals, and hotel rooms. Internet Intranet extranet Intersell agency individual component parts of a data mart Data cube Soft copy Kilobyte Mouse used to track "bill to" accounts receivable Semi-permanent folio Non-guest folio Seamless integration Individual folio a remote printing device of a POS system that produces a continuous detailed record of all transactions entered anywhere in the system.

This report is especially useful to those properties employing an automatic room assignment function Rooms history report Daily sales report Product usage report Rooms productivity report network of terminals that are combines with cash registers, bar code readers, optical scanners, and magnetic stripe readers for instantly capturing sales transactions. It establishes the system's priorities and directs its resources to accomplish desired tasks Magnetic disks Megabyte Smart switch Operating system a system is said to "read" when it takes data in for processing, and "write" when it sends processed data out as information.

In most of these cases, the vendor makes the necessary hardware and software modifications before system implementation Inventory status Daily labor report Inventory master file Single-vendor contract home delivery catering services Finished product catering Nonimpact printer Data processing Weighted average parts of a POS system keyboard that can be programmed by users to meet specific needs of their restaurant operations Software Hard copy Smart card Soft keys a system capable of monitoring sales transactions and determining inventory replenishment quantities for in-room vending sales.

Two popular in-room beverage service systems are nonautomated honor bars and microprocessor-based vending machines In-room vending system Inventory file Income statement Search engine a configuration in which all e-distribution channels operate from the same database Menu engineering Site survey Volatile memory Single image inventory a report produced by sophisticated automated beverage systems indicating the expected beverage income by major beverage category liquor, beer, wine, etc.

A gateway simply converts the sending system's request into a format that the receiving system can understand Bridge e-commerce Formatting Gateway connection and interaction between hardware, software, and the user Bridge Intranet Terabyte Interface an electronic nonimpact printer that works by spraying a minute and finely controlled jet of ink onto paper. The ink Carbon is electrically charged as it is sprayed onto the paper.

Once charged, the jet of ink can be moved around by electric fields in much the same way that an electron beam is used to produce a picture on a television set. Sub-recipe Inventory file Intranet Ink jet printer maintains a complete list of all invoices currently outstanding and payable Inventory master file Accounts aging file Invoice register file Voice recognition created for an individual who has in-house charge privileges but is not registered as a guest in the hotel. Important data maintained by this file may include: Identification number, descriptor, recipe code number, selling price, ingredient quantities for inventory reporting, and sales totals Menu item file Check register file Menu board Sub-recipe decision support software that allows the user to quickly analyze information that has been summarized into multidimensional views and hierarchies Least-cost routing Online analytical processing OLAP Online social network OSN Central processing unit CPU summarizes all sales revenue activity for a day.

Revenue is itemized by the following categories: Soft copy Hidden costs Modifier keys Site survey sensors that use either infrared light or ultrasonic waves to register the physical occupancy of a room Period labor report Room occupancy sensors Reservation record Room status a report produced by sophisticated automated beverage systems indicating the total sales of each beverage server during a shift Sales by beverage server report Cash requirements report Revenue center report Sales category analysis report the rate at which group business is being booked Group booking pace Menu engineering In-room vending system Arbitrage shows transfers to non-guest city ledgers from guest accounts Transfer report Labor master report Balance sheet Call record Part of a POS system terminal enabling the operator to review and edit transaction entries Operating system Master folio Monitor Operator monitor smart cards are made of plastic and are about the same size as credit cards.

Microchips embedded in them store information that can be accessed by a specially designed card reader. Smart cards can store information in several files that are acceded for different functions, such as a person's vital health statistics, dietary restrictions, credit card number, and bank balance. When the memory device loses electrical power, or is deliberately turned off, all user data stored in RAM is lost. In order to save data stored in RAM for future use, the user must instruct the system to save it on a nonvolatile storage device Network Ratio Price point Volatile memory internet-based services providing consumers with the ability to book airline, hotel, car rental, and cruise ship reservations global distribution system GDS Inventory valuation file Call accounting system CAS Internet distribution system IDS lists the names of guests who have checked out and their room numbers, billing, addresses, and folio numbers Vendor activity report Vendor status report Weekly labor report Actual departures report a terminal that contains a unique adaptation of a screen and a special Microprocessor to control it.

The self-contained microprocessor displays data on areas of the screen that are sensitive to touch. Touching one of the sensitized areas produces an electronic charge that is translated into digital signals telling what area was touched for transmission to the microprocessor. This signal also instructs the microprocessor to display the next screen Cloud computing Touchscreen terminal Guest check printer Voice recognition shows labor costs by department or job classifications Daily labor report Transfer report Labor cost report Database records a measurement of how far in advance bookings are made Ingredient file Ratio analysis Booking lead time Kilobyte portion of a public website that gives a company's corporate and business partners access to a password-protected portion of the site.

A website administrator assigns access parameters for what documents, discussions, and areas can be viewed Database Software extranet Gigabyte a systems term referring to a set of programs that instructs or controls the operation of the system's hardware components. They are made of thin, flexible plastic that is protected by a jacket. Malware D. Man-in-the-Middle exploits. Definition Shoulder surfing. Term A user is reporting that their screen is flickering at a rapid rate. Which of the following Control Panel paths should a technician use in order to remedy this issue?

Definition C. Term A user has a laptop that they need to get ready for an outdoor presentation. The user is concerned that the laptop will turn off the screen or go into standby before their presentation is complete. Which of the following Control Panel paths should the technician use in order to prevent this from occurring?

Copying the file to a different location on the same volume B. Copying the file to a different location on a different volume C. Moving the file to a different location on a different volume D. Moving the file to a different location on the same volume. Definition Moving the file to a different location on the same volume. Which of the following Control Panel locations can provide information to review and correct this issue?

Term A user states their workstation will not reach the login screen. Which of the following commands can be used to write a new partition boot sector to the system partition in the Recovery Console? Term Which of the following features helps to prevent shoulder surfing? Native resolution B. Auto adjust C. Degaussing D. Privacy screen. Definition Privacy screen. Term A user wants to change the functionality that occurs when the laptop lid is closed. Display B. Power Options C. Personalization D. Device Management. Definition Power Options.

Term Which of the following Control Panel items will allow for easy streaming of pictures, music, and videos to other Windows 7 PCs? Ease of Access Center B. AutoPlay C. Sync Center D. Definition HomeGroup. Term The folder "Documents" is shared. The user can create and delete documents when on the local PC, but can only read documents when accessing them remotely.

Which of the following should be adjusted? Read Only Attribute B. Share Permissions C. Firewall Settings D. NTFS Permissions. Definition Share Permissions. Term Which of the following security controls would be an example of the least privilege principle on a home PC? Install antispyware on the PC. Create a standard user account for kids. Store all financial data in a separate folder. Disable the firewall for online gaming. Definition Create a standard user account for kids. Term A user regularly has to walk away from their computer and is worried someone may access their workstation.

Which of the following would BEST prevent this? Lock the workstation B. Shutdown the computer C. Logon using the unprivileged guest account D. Set the screensaver password. Definition Logon using the unprivileged guest account. Which of the following controls should be used in troubleshooting? Geometry B. Contrast C. Brightness D. Definition Degauss. The user has verified all of the cables are connected correctly, but the installation media does not detect any hard drives. Which of the following should the user do to help detect the hard drives? Press F8 when prompted B.

Hit the refresh button to force a re-detect C. Select load driver. Definition Select load driver. Administrator B. Standard User C. Guest D. Power User. Definition Guest. Term A technician is tasked with installing a legacy application on a Windows 7 computer. When the technician tries to install the legacy application, an error is received that the application cannot be installed because the OS is not supported. Install the application in safe mode B. Install the application with compatibility mode C. Install the latest Windows service packs and updates D. Install Windows Security updates on the system.

Definition Install the application with compatibility mode. Term A user has not received any new emails on their smartphone in the last two days. The user is able to access the Internet without any problems. Restart the smartphone B. Reconfigure the smartphone email account C. Resynchronize the smart phone D. Update the operating system. Definition Restart the smartphone. Which of the following file systems should be used?

NTFS B. FAT16 C. CDFS D. Definition FAT Term For any given MAC address filtering B. Windows password C. SSL certificate. Term A user reports that a file they shared out on their computer for another network user is not accessible to the third party. The user insists they specifically gave this third party Allow rights for Read and Write access. Which of the following could explain the problem at hand? The parent folder has explicit Allow rights set for this user.

The parent folder has explicit Deny rights set for this user. The user forgot to share the parent folder and only shared the specific file. Definition The parent folder has explicit Deny rights set for this user. Term A company is experiencing issues with third parties tailgating authorized users during entry to secure server rooms. Which of the following would BEST alleviate this problem? Retinal scanners B. Mantraps C. Door locks D. Smart card badges. Definition Mantraps. Term A consultant is looking to consolidate six company servers onto one physical system.

Which of the following requirements is MOST important on the new setup to ensure stable functionality of the virtual environment? Client hardware requirements B. Server software security requirements C. Server hardware resources D. Network resources. Definition Server hardware resources. Term Which of the following security concepts establishes the notion that a user should only be given sufficient access to the resources they need to perform their job function? Deny all B. Allow all C. Most privilege D. Least privilege. Definition Least privilege. Term A technician is trying to diagnose a laptop that is experiencing heavy artifact corruption and random loss of video during operation.

Which of the following are MOST likely causes of this problem? Video drivers were not installed directly from Microsoft update. Incompatible or untested video drivers have been installed. The BIOS is not set for the proper operation temperature of the video chipset. The user is not trying to go to the blocked site and needs to be able to successfully use the search engine to complete their assignment. Which of the following tools would a technician use to BEST resolve this issue?

Anti-malware software B. Factory pre-installation C. System restore D. Recovery console. Definition Anti-malware software. Which of the following tools would BEST reset the computer to how it worked when first purchased? Recovery Console B. Factory restore CD C. Anti-malware software D. System Restore. Definition Factory restore CD. Term A technician installed a second hard drive in a computer. Upon restart, a message appears statinG. Press F1 to continue. Proper drive installation e. If computer can boot into safe mode D. If the BIOS boot settings are correct. Definition Proper drive installation e.

Local share B. Permission propagation C. Inheritance D. Administrative share. Definition Administrative share. Anti-virus software B. Key fob C. Biometric device D. Privacy filter. Definition Privacy filter. Which of the following security threats almost occurred? War driving B. Shoulder surfing D. Term Which of the following can be used as an appropriate boot device? USB drive B. HDMI C. OEM recovery media D. Definition USB drive. Term Which of the following software types would need to be installed on a mobile device to help prevent data from being viewed if the device is lost?

Remote wipe B. Antivirus C. GPS locator D. Remote backup application. Definition Antivirus. Term Which of the following is the BEST tool to verify the cable is plugged into the correct port on the patch panel? Cable certifier B. Punch down C. Toner probe D. Cable tester. Definition Toner probe.

Term Which of the following is the BEST tool for a technician to use to make sure the network wires are securely fastened in a wall jack? Crimper B. Small flat screwdriver C. Wire strippers D. Punch down. Definition Punch down. Term Which of the following is the BEST tool for a technician to use to make sure the network cable is securely fastened in the RJ connector? Cable tester B. Crimper C. Small flat screwdriver D. Definition Crimper. The technician has verified system functionally. Which of the following is the NEXT step in the troubleshooting theory? Identify the problem B. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem C.

Test the theory to determine cause D. Document findings, actions, and outcomes. Definition Document findings, actions, and outcomes. Change MAC address settings B. Call the vendor C. Try another LAN connection D. Reboot the phone. Definition Reboot the phone. Term After an installation of a video adapter, the screen on a Windows 7 system cannot be seen. Which of the following Windows 7 functions will resolve this? Component Management B.

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Startup Repair C. Device Manager D. Task Manager. Definition Startup Repair. Term A. Re-join the computer to the domain B. Reboot the PC as the domain will automatically rebuild the relationship C. Definition Re-join the computer to the domain. Term Which of the following resources is MOST important for accessing remote virtual environments on a client machine?

Network speed B. CPU speed C. High speed memory D.

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Drive space. Definition Network speed. Term A computer program that functions normally while quietly installing malicious software on a machine is known as a: DDoS attack. Phishing attack. Definition Trojan. A Worm B. Rootkits C. Social Engineering D. Browser Adware. Definition Social Engineering.

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Term A user sent an email requesting that a technician check if a computer is on and connected to the Internet so the user can login from home. Which of the following commands in the command prompt would a technician use to verify if the computer is on and connected without having to go to the computer? PING D. Definition PING. Term A technician gets a call from a customer stating that their computer will not boot. Verify the operating system is installed correctly. Verify that all removable drives are empty. Verify Boot. Verify the computer will boot into safe mode.

Definition Verify that all removable drives are empty. Term The practice of following an authorized person through an entrance without using a badge to defeat security is called: Definition tailgating. Term Turnstiles and other mantraps will prevent which of the following security threats? Shoulder surfing B. Tailgating C. Rootkits D. Definition Tailgating. Term Which of the following encryption standards is found on older wireless devices and provides minimal security? WPA B.

WPA2 C. WEP D. Definition WEP. Term An IR printer stops working for half of an office while the other half is able to print. Proper lighting B. Paper levels C. Physical obstructions D. Printer share name. Definition Physical obstructions. Term If a computer does not have an optical drive, which of the following is the MOST efficient method to install an operating system? Emergency Restore CD B. Floppy disk C. USB flash drive D. Bluetooth connection. Definition USB flash drive.

Definition 4. Term Phishing is: Definition B. Term The computer starts up and runs for less than a minute before shutting down or locking up. This is a symptom of: Definition overheating. This can be caused by a bad: CMOS battery. IDE cable. Definition video card. Term A technician needs to decrease the time it takes to install an operating system on computers.

Which of the following installations would the technician use to reduce hands-on time spent on each computer? Upgrade installation B. USB installation C. Unattended installation D. Clean installation. Definition Unattended installation. Term A technician is configuring a PC that will have confidential information stored on it. To ensure that only authorized users can access this PC, which of the following should the technician do? Disable the guest account B.

Install antivirus applications C. Change the default username. Definition Disable the guest account Change the default username. Term A company recently had a security breach and is now required to increase the security on their workstations. A technician has been tasked to harden all the workstations on the network.

Which of the following should the technician do? Enable Windows automatic updates B. Enable screensaver required passwords C. Enable MAC filtering D. Enable wireless encryption. Definition Enable screensaver required passwords. Term A technician recently installed a new video card in a PC. The PC already has integrated video on the motherboard. When the technician turns on the PC, there is no video. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? The motherboard BIOS version is out of date. The incorrect video card drivers are installed.

The power connector for the video card is unplugged. The video card is unsupported by the motherboard. Definition The power connector for the video card is unplugged. Term A user receives a phone call from a person claiming to be from technical support.

The technician directs the user to open Event Viewer and look at some event log entries to demonstrate the effects of a virus on the computer. The technician also asks the user for their user ID and password so that they can clean the computer. This is an example of which of the following security threats?

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Social engineering B. Phishing C. Term A user has just purchased a wireless router for their home. Which of the following should be done to BEST secure the router from unauthorized access? Change router default logins B. Change the security settings on their computer C. Set encryption on the router D.

Update router firmware E. Definition Change router default logins Set encryption on the router. Turning the display to the right or left sometimes temporarily corrects the problem. Which of the following should the technician check? The video card display driver B. The CRT power cable C. The video cable D. Definition The video cable. Term A laser printer is producing completely blank sheets. Fusing B. Paper handling C.

Transfer D. Definition Development. Term appears instead of the letter. Which of the following items is MOST likely the cause of this problem? The user enabled sticky keys. The user changed the keyboard character set. The user enabled accessibility options. The user enabled num lock. Definition D. Term A Windows 7 desktop PC has crashed i.

Which of the following is an OS built-in tool that can be used to test this problem? Windows System Restore B. Windows System File Checker C. Windows Memory Diagnostic. Definition Windows Memory Diagnostic. Term Which of the following should be regularly scheduled to fix hard drive errors? Defragmentation B. Check Disk C. System Restore D. Antivirus Scan. Definition Check Disk. Term A user is experiencing slow performance with their computer. A technician suspects the computerhas a virus and runs antivirus software. A virus is found and removed, but the performance issue is not resolved.

Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT? Document findings, actions, and outcomes B. Re-establish a new theory or escalate D. Implement preventative measures. Definition Re-establish a new theory or escalate. Term After installing a new multifunctional printer, an administrator realizes the flatbed scanner does not scan any documents. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason of the issue? The scanner lock switch on the device is locked. The printer driver was installed incorrectly.

Definition The scanner lock switch on the device is locked. Reinstall the driver of the WiFi card. Check to see if there is a wireless switch on the laptop and its current position. Replace the wireless card because it is not fully compatible with the new motherboard.

Check if the WiFi antenna is connected properly to the wireless card. Definition Check if the WiFi antenna is connected properly to the wireless card. Term The benefit of MAC filtering in wireless networking is that the network: Definition is more secure. Which of the following commands should the technician use?

Term A customer is not able to connect to any websites. Term A technician wants to know the MAC address of a computer. Which of the following commands would the technician use? Term A technician would like to dispose of a hard drive that is no longer needed. According to company policy, all contents on the disk should be deleted before disposal. Which of the following OS command line tools should be used? DEL C. Radio power levels C.

Default password D. DHCP settings.

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Definition Default password. Term A computer starts to boot then quickly shuts down. Which of the following should the technician use to troubleshoot this issue? Toner probe B. Power supply tester C. Loopback plugs D. Events logs. Definition Power supply tester. Term A client has a computer that is infected with several viruses and spyware. Run Windows Update B. Disable system restore C. Disable network cards. Definition Disable system restore.

Term A PC is running slower than usual. Which of the following tools would BEST diagnose the possible bottleneck? Device Manager C. Task Scheduler D. Definition Task Manager. Definition -a. Local Security Policy B. Users and Groups C. Performance Monitor D. Definition Local Security Policy. Term In a SOHO wireless network, which of the following prevents unauthorized users from accessing confidential data?

Reduce broadcast power B. Set encryption D. Enable MAC filtering. Definition Set encryption. Term Which of the following commands is used to map a network drive? Term A technician recently setup a new wired network and wants to ensure only their computers can use it. Which of the following is the MOST secure way to accomplish this? Make sure the computers are using strong passwords. Enable an intrusion detection system. Assign the computers static IP addresses. Disable the extra ports on the router. Definition Disable the extra ports on the router. Term Which of the following BEST describes a method for installing an operating system across the network?

USB 3. IEEE C. PXE D. Definition PXE. FAT32 B. EXT3 C. Definition CDFS. Term A technician recently removed spyware from a computer and now the user is getting error messages about system files. Which of the following tools would a technician use to verify all system files are intact and in their original versions?

Repair Disk B. SFC C. Definition SFC. Term After updating the device drivers for a video adapter, a user reports they are only able to view a portion of the screen and the text is very large. Refresh rate set too low B. Refresh rate set too high C. Resolution set too low D.

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Resolution set too high. Definition Resolution set too low. Term After connecting a laptop to an external monitor, no display is detected and the monitor goes into sleep mode. Change the input mode on the monitor B. Reboot the operating system C. Reload the display adapter drivers D. Toggle the display using the keyboard shortcut E. Verify network connectivity. Definition Change the input mode on the monitor Toggle the display using the keyboard shortcut.

Term A technician has been dispatched to a customer site to diagnose an issue where the computer turns off intermittently. Upon arriving at the site, the technician detects a smoke smell coming from the computer. Which of the following is the BEST solution? Power down the system and replace the CPU. Power down the system and replace the power supply.

Install an additional case fan for proper ventilation. Remove the side panel for proper ventilation. Definition Power down the system and replace the power supply. Term Which of the following security measures is usually found in a laptop? Biometrics B. Bollard C. Hypervisor D. Key fobs. Definition Biometrics. Term Which of the following can be achieved with Group Policy to help with workstation security measures? BitLocker password B. Complexity requirements C. BIOS password D. Wake on LAN. Definition Complexity requirements. Term Which of the following can enable a technician to remove a virus that prevents users from updating their antivirus software?

Recovery console B. Safe mode D. Definition Safe mode. Term A technician notices that a computer is making a loud clicking noise but continues to run. System speed is barely affected, but they cannot access certain drives. These are the symptoms of which of the following? Failing second hard drive B. Failing system hard drive C. Bad CPU fan. Definition Failing second hard drive. Which of the following is the BEST way for the user to still access and edit all of their data? Burn their data to DVDs B. USB hard drive enclosure D.

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Copy their data to a USB flash drive. Definition USB hard drive enclosure. Replace the inverter B. Replace the back bezel C. Replace back light D. Replace the LCD. Definition Replace the LCD. The technician installs the network card, loads Windows XP drivers that came with the network card, and reboots the PC.

Upon rebooting, the computer blue screens and the technician cannot get the computer to boot up properly. Which of the following should the technician perform to resolve this issue without any data loss? Remove network drivers B. Reinstall Windows 7 Professional D. Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 E.

Boot up in safe mode. Definition Remove network drivers Boot up in safe mode. Term In which of the following operating systems does Windows XP mode come as a free download to be used for application compatibility? Definition Windows 7 Professional. Term The Aero feature is found in which of the following operating systems? Windows 7 Home Premium B. Windows 7 Starter C. Windows Vista Enterprise D. Windows XP bit Professional.

The company has a domain network. A technician is tasked with selecting an operating system. Which of the following should the technician select? Windows Vista Home Premium C. Windows 7 Professional D. Windows XP Media Center. The client only wants five authorized computers to connect to the network with a defined IP range. Which of the following should the technician configure on the router?