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Age of Warring Empire Hack Cheat – hackgameusa22

Challenge other players in the Arena in order to improve your arena rankings. The higher your rank is, the greater the reward you will receive. Everyday you can fight in the Arena 15 times. If you are victoroius, you can move straight onto your next fight, however if you lose you will have to wait 3 minutes before challenging again. Arena Rules:.

Age of Warring Empire

In the Tower you can level up your Heroes by facing waves of enemies. Each stage that you clear will give your Heroes experience, with each stage becoming progressively more difficult and with greater experience rewarded. Everyday you have one free chance to challenge the Tower. This chance does not accumulate, so it must be used each day.

Age of Warring Empire Cheats

You can also use Gold Coins to challenge the Tower as often as you like. You can take a maximum of 4 heroes into th tower at any one time. If you lose a battle, you will automatically leave the Tower, and will have to start again from the 1st stage. Heroes are your generals, the mighty figures that lead your troops into battle, and affect their chances of winning or losing. The complete list of heroes, along with an in-depth description of their attributes is included in the separate Heroes Guide.

The XP gain and difficulty will increase with every step. Strongholds are special Wildernesses that generate Copper Coins instead of resources. The NPC forces that occupy Strongholds are much stronger thatn those that occupy Wildernesses, so players should be well prepared.

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As with Wildernesses, the output of Strongholds increases with their level. Wildernesses are points on the World Map that can be occupied by players in order to gain additional resources. Wildernesses will often have NPC units occupying them if there is no player currently occupying. There is a limit to the number of Wildernesses you can hold at one time, with this limit increasing when you reach certain levels. You can see your current Wildernesses and your cap, in the Monarch window, by pressing on your level in the home screen.

Wildernesses will produce additional resources for your city, with the resource type being defined by the wilderness type. The wilderness types are: Alliances are a major feature of the game, as it allows players to work together, make friends ahd help each other. When you join an Alliance, you will no longer be able to attack other members of your Alliance. Like players, Alliances also have levels, which require donations from members in order to advance.

Alliance leaders are able to promote another member to a Deputy Leader position.

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The leader can also demote this member at a later date if they so wish. The alliance leader, and their deputy, are able to accept decline applications, change the Alliance announcement, and even kick other members from the Alliance.

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If there is no Deputy Leader, the higher ranking active donator will be given the power to kick members out of the Alliance. Player Versus Player is an integral part of the game, as players test their armies against each other and look to plunder sources from other cities. There are 3 main sources of PvP action:. If you are finding your building construction, troop training or technology research too time consuming, you can choose to Rush Production to instantly complete the task at hand.

Gold Coins and Copper Coins are the two in game currencies, with Gold Coins being the premium currency. Copper Coins can be used when trading at the Market, researching technology, exploring for Gems, and much more.

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You can obtain Copper Coins by occupying Strongholds, selling resources at the Market and participating in Events. Gold Coins are used to obtain the most powerful Heroes, Cards and upgrades in the game.

Gold Coins can also be used to speed up production, explore for Gems and for additional chances at the lottery. Gold Coins can be obtained through some in game activities, by inviting friends to the game or through in app purchasing. You can refresh the Heroes for free once the countdown has finished, or you can use Gold Coins to refresh immediately. Using the advanced refresh will give you a higher chance of finding high star Heroes. Recruit the Heroes for free in the Tavern.

Scouting allows you to see how many troops are currently stationed at a City, Wilderness or Stronghold, so that you can plan your attak accordingly. Copper Coins are used to pay for Scouting, however the cost varies. Different servers have different playing styles, with newer servers enjoying faster production, whereas older servers put more emphasis on strategy. However if you wish to change server, your progress will be reset, and your items will be lost. Therefore it is recommended that you find a server you like, or have a friend invite you to their server, before you build your empire.