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The best iPhone battery cases should be easy to toggle on and off, simple to charge, and capable of providing a good indication of how much battery life remains in the case. Oh, and of course, they should provide a lot of extra juice. On a more subjective scale, I prefer button overlays to cutouts. Keeping your iPhone in a battery case while traveling may provide an extra benefit, since almost all such cases rely on Micro-USB cables for charging—you may well have other devices keyboards, speakers that can share the same charging cable, and replacement Micro-USB cables are far cheaper than Lightning cables.

Regardless of which battery case you choose, a bit of advice: Your iPhone 5 requires more juice to charge the final 20 percent of the way. Mophie makes excellent battery cases, and sells three models for the iPhone 5: The Helium offers the least power mAh , and has button cutouts. The Air mAh and the Plus mAh both offer button overlays. The Plus adds substantial power without being significantly larger than the Air; unless you really value the slightly smaller size, go with the Plus.

One drawback to the Mophie cases is that their thick bases all require that you use an adapter cable to access the headphone jack. However, each two-piece case is easy to put on and remove. The case takes a decidedly different approach from the Mophies. The little rubbery flap that guards the Micro-USB port on the base feels awfully vulnerable to an accidental tear. I found the tethered Lightning plug to be an odd design choice.

When charging, the phone looks dopey, with a tiny cable sticking out of it. Plugging and unplugging the connector feels a bit fussy, since you have so little wiggle room. The case offers mAh of power, which is a lot, and it fits into a svelte package.

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The case employs cutouts around the buttons. Don't be confused by the iPhone 4 shown on the box—this case is, in fact, made for the iPhone 5. The Power Bank is designed so that you can keep your iPhone in a slimmer case until you actually need the extra battery power: The package includes a pair of slim plastic hard-shell cases, plus a single mAh battery that you can snap onto your case-clad iPhone as desired. Only 20 left in stock - order soon.

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Samsung Galaxy S 8 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S 7. Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge. Samsung Galaxy S 6. The main screen displays battery life, a power saver mode switch, toggles for a variety of device settings and assorted battery stats and expected runtimes.

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In addition to the power-saving mode, a sleep mode deactivates most device radios, and a custom mode lets you configure a variety of settings for your own power use profile. Users can also schedule power-saving modes for particular times, like work, sleep and so forth. Power Battery combines a variety of tools into one package, serving as a battery monitor, battery saver and fast charging tool. The app lets you view battery consumption data, including which apps blow through the most power over time, while a variety of power saving settings and presets let you tweak your settings to eke out the most time from your available juice.

Finally, a charging tool kills background apps and provides a charge time estimate while plugged in.

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Extras include a memory booster and junk file cleaner. The battery monitor features provide data on your charge status, battery temperature, and battery capacity, as well as estimates of how long your charge will last with a variety of average use cases, such as gaming or media.

On the energy-saving side of things, dfndr battery comes with a background task killer, customizable performance profiles that can trigger based on time and location, and a screen-saving feature that cuts brightness to save power. John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school.

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As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery. Apps Round-Up. Get More Battery Life with These Apps With smartphone makers cramming ever-bigger batteries into their devices — the Galaxy Note 9 offers a 4, mAh power pack, for example — it's clear just how important battery life is to your mobile device.

Slide 1 of Coconut Battery OS X Back-end changes to iOS 10 onwards have made it more difficult for apps to access detailed battery technical info, but there are still ways to check out battery wear and other statistics, such as through Coconut Battery. Slide 2 of Amplify Battery Extender Android, root required Amplify takes advantage of root permissions to help users rein in how often apps and services in the background can wake up your device, reducing how much power your phone uses when idle or on standby.

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